Forbes – Strategies To Maintain Employee Motivation

“Six Strategies To Maintain Employee Motivation” Rebecca Skilbeck Forbes magazine. Key learnings; High-functioning teams do exist: organisations such as Google, Atlassian and Microsoft show us it can be done. These teams share a common denominator: their leadership constantly motivates and inspires employees. Set goals to create meaning Goal-setting gives employees meaning in their day-to-day roles:…

Adam Grant – obsess over your processes

“The seeds of greatness are planted in the daily grind.” People who achieve huge goals have dreams, but, more important, they create processes. They build systems. They consistently take the right steps that, over time, ensure they reach their ultimate goal. And here’s the thing: They don’t obsess over their goals. They obsess over their processes, because greatness is the result…

Mission driven leaders

Mission-driven leaders help all employees and managers understand why their company exists. They boldly affirm what the company hopes to achieve and push toward the desired results. Read any interview with Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, and he will always refer to the mission. He credits Facebook’s achievement of expanding from 1,700 to 12,000 employees in five…

Bob Choat – The Mission-Oriented Mindset and Success

One of the important aspects of having a mission-oriented mindset is that the focus will enable you to be open to opportunities that are available to the success of the mission.  That includes opportunities in improvising as well.  This is important in the fact that there will be deviations along the way.  Stumbling blocks.  Adjust…

Analytics is everything

We’re weeks away from 2019. You need to get the analytics working for you. Get someone to follow key data, like websearches, UL prospector,…   Best analytics people: Best practices: Best tools: Processes: KPI, PDCA

Zero strategy, 200% execution

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