Mission driven leaders

Mission-driven leaders help all employees and managers understand why their company exists. They boldly affirm what the company hopes to achieve and push toward the desired results. Read any interview with Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, and he will always refer to the mission. He credits Facebook’s achievement of expanding from 1,700 to 12,000 employees in five…

Bob Choat – The Mission-Oriented Mindset and Success

One of the important aspects of having a mission-oriented mindset is that the focus will enable you to be open to opportunities that are available to the success of the mission.  That includes opportunities in improvising as well.  This is important in the fact that there will be deviations along the way.  Stumbling blocks.  Adjust…

Analytics is everything

We’re weeks away from 2019. You need to get the analytics working for you. Get someone to follow key data, like websearches, UL prospector,…   Best analytics people: Best practices: Best tools: Processes: KPI, PDCA

Zero strategy, 200% execution

FINISHPARTNERS will not challenge your strategy, you know your business best. We know top line ignition. Enjoy the ride, celebrate at the finish. We’ll embark with you.


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When Satya Nadella became CEO of Microsoft in 2014, he inherited a company whose culture was known for hostility, infighting, and backstabbing among its top executives. To turn the company around, he made the members of his senior leadership team read the 2003 book “Nonviolent Communication” by the psychologist Marshall B. Rosenberg. Nadella handed out…

McKinsey Podcast: Putting talent at the top of the CEO agenda

In this episode of the McKinsey Podcast, McKinsey global managing partner Dominic Barton speaks with Simon London about how CEOs and boards can get strategic in managing human capital. Talent is a crucial element of achieving #Marsshot missions. Here are the key learnings from the podcasts: One of the recommendations in the book is the “G3”—this idea…