Want to win? Grow piles of options

The only way to be sure that you and your team made the right decision is when you started off looking at all the options. That’s right, all the options. Those are not the obvious first three to five, but could be hundreds of options. Daimler AG launches a new cloud platform for data-driven innovation…

Living and working in Dubai – Siegrid Althuizen, CEO of Skyne

Living and working in Dubai Siegrid Althuizen is CEO of Skyne creative visionaries. The Dutch company is based in the prestigious design center of the Middle East, Dubai Design District (D3). She has extensive experience in the media and was responsible for growth and innovation within this sector in the Netherlands and other European countries….

ABSTRACT – eight design inspirations

Bart Veen¬†Dutch energizer creative director events network impact making a difference connector celebrating life entrepreneur shares a source of inspiration:¬†Eight of the most creative thinkers and imaginative minds working in the world of art and design today share their story in a personal way in this great Netflix serie. My personal favorite is stage designer…

where is the creative cowboy!?

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