Tom Covens

Motivated young graduate with a strong interest towards the petroleum industry. Eager to discover and apply new techniques to improve the old ones. Strong sense of responsibility with the ambition to achieve the best results possible. Experience in communication & management. Craving for international opportunities.

Upp! saves plastic waste – Jan Jaap Folmer

“Plastic waste is suffocating our oceans and our planet. Every year we add 300 million ton of plastic waste to the pile we already have. Less than 10% is recycled or re-used. The rest is burned, landfilled or ends up in the environment or our oceans.” Jan Jaap Folmer Chief Upp! and member.

Jacqueline Hazewinkel – “climb a mountain”

Jacqueline Hazewinkel – “Recommendation and inspiration. I can recommend everyone to climb a mountain and in particular this one while you cross 5 different climate zones with changing vegetation and  beautiful views. Besides nature showing her best self it is also a great way to experience teamwork while you are not reaching this top alone.”

Paul Heise

Paul Heise – Since 1990 engaged in growing companies. Financing advisor. Hands-on experience with IPO’s and trade sales. Deal maker and fund raiser. Focus areas High-Tech, ICT, Green technology, and Renewable Energy.

Jimmy Lange

Innovation, marketing, psychology, decision making, sustainable, fun, music, social, society, global, open, sharing, creative, storytelling

Catherine Moulds

Passionate Innovation Technology Change FMCG AI Communication Leadership Global Forward-Thinking Supportive Team Strategic Energetic Customer-service High-achiever Positive Bring-best-in-people Empower Why-Not

“You in 20”

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