We are  a concept, an idea on it’s way to becoming the most impactful company on the planet. We do not aim for the highest market capitalization, biggest turn over, or highest shareholder return. We want to create a home for heroes. A place where mountain moving individuals are supported to create even bigger waves….

Own your destiny

Imagine a company that has only one purpose; to maximize the careers of its “employees”. This is a revolutionary concept that does just that – you are the center of our strategy. We have no obligations towards shareholders, no interest to maximize our brand value or share prices. We want to build the largest community…

Maja Rudinac – live from CES – “meet Lea” of Robot Care Systems bv

Maja Rudinac is sharing live from the CES 2019 in Las Vegas: “Great start to #ces2019, proud to be part of holland pavillion. Lea stands out everywhere. Thanks Hrh Prince Constantijn Van Oranje-Nassau, Mona Keijzer Lex Empress Philips Lifeline hashtag#startupdelta #healthcare”  Robot Care Systems develops and markets support devices for people with cognitive or motion…

Getting Comfortable with the Uncomfortable… Erik Hiep

Last summer my son graduated at the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University. He went to Johannesburg for an internship at a big corporation, came back and told me: “Dad, I am 21 and I am not going to sit in an office behind a screen for the rest of my life… “ “I need…

Living and working in Dubai – Siegrid Althuizen, CEO of Skyne

Living and working in Dubai Siegrid Althuizen is CEO of Skyne creative visionaries. The Dutch company is based in the prestigious design center of the Middle East, Dubai Design District (D3). She has extensive experience in the media and was responsible for growth and innovation within this sector in the Netherlands and other European countries….

Caspar Jans

Energetic, human-centered, Dutch, business transformation, supply chain professional, BPM, father of 3, huge basketball fan, trainer, coach, facilitator of change, love reading & watching movies