Reid Hoffman’s Masters of Scale; Startup Success

HINEKEN’s favorite podcast series Masters of Scale by Reid Hoffman and friends sumarized the 10 strongest commendments to achieve startup success. We’d argue that 99% of this podcast treasure is valid for all companies including the largest multinationals. Some tips; minute 16.00 Hire for persistence and curiosity. Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook – hire the best…

Starting a company

@ReidHoffmann “I’ve often said that starting a company is like jumping off a cliff and assembling a plane on the way down.”

“Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow”

“Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow”. Listen in on this MastersofScale podcast with Reid Hoffman on how at the scale-up of Facebook the team worked on both improvements for better user experience in the short term, as well as thinking about the future when billions of people are using the product. They had the #FINISH in mind from the start.